Monday, April 16, 2012

With 3am morning deliveries you can always count on BAD BURGER.

Eat a B.L.E.T bacon, lettuce,egg and tomato on rye... before passing out and wake up the next morning and feel AMAZING!!!

Morandi Dinner. ITALIAN

My favorite Italian restaurant.. Morandi in the West Village. This time I ate the Endive Salad so fresh and incredible and my ultimate fav the Lemon Pasta.

You never can go wrong with lunch at Le Grannie Cafe and a walk on the sexy high line.

The first cafe I ever ate at when I arrived in NYC was Le Grannie Cafe in Chelsea on 9th and 21st. I would go there every day and eat a goat cheese salad, broccoli soup and have a cappuccino. They serve the BIGGEST cappuccinos in NYC. This place is so cute they make the yummiest savory crepes, breakfasts, pasta's and salades & I heard this is where Kate Moss use to come and eat when she was a young in living in this crazy city. It's the perfect get away spot, to take a friend or have lunch on your own. 

Blk Market. Deviled Eggs and Burgers!

BLK MARKET = Amazing.. I went there the other night after acting class for an incredible vegeburger with the best saltiest fries ever! Before this amazing burger I had a pretty deviled egg sprinkled with black caviar.

Friday, April 6, 2012